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29 September 2017 | Dog Advice

How To Bond With Your Dog

Bonding with your dog takes your relationship to the next level. Love develops naturally between you both, the feeling of love is what makes your dog jump up on you when you walk through the door after work and why they love snuggle time on your lap when you're on the couch. Many pet owners still don't fully understand the importance of the bonding process. It is important that dog owners know how to bond with your dog.

The bond between you both is the glue that keeps you both together. It's all about mutual respect and trust. The bond is what keeps your beloved dog running away from you when they're off their lead in the park. The bond is the reason why they listen to you when you give them a command. The bond encourages manners, partnership, and attentiveness.

To help better understand how to bond with your dog, you can try some of the helpful tips listed below.

Give them praise

You've most likely praised your dog many times when you first brought them to their new home, but you should carry the praise on continuously. Giving your dog praise is an easy way to let them know that you appreciate their good behaviour which will then encourage them to keep making the right decisions. You can show them praise for waiting potentially whilst you fill their food bowl up, or by sitting nicely whilst they wait for their daily walk. There are lots of opportunities where you can show your dog praise for being good.

Game play

Playing games with your dog is not only about tiring them out. It's about reinforcing the bond between you both. Immerse yourself into their game and enjoy that special time you have. Try and surprise your dog and be creative with your play. It's fun for them when they don't always know what game is coming next. Dogs love the suspense and it keeps them mentally engaged.

  • Dogs love the tug game. You can keep this interesting by using different toys for them to play with.  If your dog has issues with possessive aggression then this is not the game for them.
  • Play fetch with different balls, keeping throwing various balls so they that one never stops appearing, They love this game!
  • Dogs love a game of hide and seek so they have to look for you throughout the house.
  • Hide one of their favourite toys they have to use their sense of smell to hunt for the toy.
  • The whole process of the game playing is to grow the bond between you both. So put your mobile phone down and get playing.

Try being unpredictable

Dogs require a predictable schedule, so it might seem odd to suggest that you become unpredictable to strengthen your bond. But adding some element of surprise to your dogs day can help glue your bond stronger.

Change the time of their morning or evening walk. Try a new route. Dogs love new places to sniff and explore. Is your dog's usual long walk day on a Sunday? spice things up and take him on a Saturday or both! These small unpredictable adjustments can help strengthen the bond and keep your dog alert and entertained.

Play tricks with your dog

Every dog should know the basic commands such as sit, come, stay. It's also important if dogs have other tricks and commands that they can obey and perform to. Tricks allow your dog the chance to show off how smart they are. Tricks shouldn't become regimented and authoritative. Playing tricks should be fun for you both.

Many dog owners stop training the dog after they've learned the basic commands. This is a shame as dogs do love to use their brains. Teaching your dog to roll-over or high-five is a sure fine way to keep them entertained and stimulated which in turn will help strengthen the bond between you both. It's also physically and mentally exhausting for the dog so they will sleep happily after a training session.


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