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14 July 2016 | Dog Advice

Advice on buying a Dog

So this is not as simple as you might think, below you will find some great advice and important information to digest if you considering bringing a puppy or a full grown dog home.

One very important bit of information to consider is that a respectable breeders would not release a puppy until they are eight weeks old and they should always introduce you to the parents of the puppy you will be taking home.

What information you should be asking the breeder?

Is the puppy with their parents?
Always make sure both of the parents are friendly dogs as temperament traits can be passed on.

What age is  the Mother?
The mother of the puppy should be one years old or over.

How old is the puppy?
The puppy should be at least eight weeks old before they should have the pet for sale

Has the puppy been wormed?
Dont be alarmed if your puppy has worms because all puppies have worms from birth. The breeder should start the worming process when the puppy is around two weeks and must be replicated every two weeks if the puppy is re-homed.

Has the puppy had vaccinations?
Puppies need to be their vacinations at six to nine weeks and again repeated at ten to twelve weeks.

At what stage can I take the puppy home?
Before you buy it is always recommendable that you see the puppies with their mother. Some people advertise themselves as breeders might in fact be middle men who have bought the puppiesi in. These puppies generally tend to be suffer from bad health as a result of them bring badly bred.

When you take the puppy back home
Before bringing the puppy home, you will need to consider that this is a very stressful time for the puppy. They will be scared and will needs lots of tlc to settle into their new home. You will need to gently ease them into their new home, surroundings and their routine. 

Puppy food
Make sure to ask the breeder to recommend you which food the puppy should be on or if unsure make sure to ask your local vets to recommend suitable food.

Pets routines
You will need to create a routine for your puppy as soon as possible for feeding, toilet, exercise and sleeping and make sure to follow it.

Being a responsible owner
Your are responsible for bringing up the puppy and will learn from you and the situations the puppy experiences, as an owner you have to make these learning experiences are fun and entertaining! Enjoy!


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