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7 May 2017 | Dog Advice

8 Most Friendliest Dog Breeds

If there is one trait dogs are exceptional for it’s showing love and dedication. Dog’s love to love and that love should always be reciprocated. Depending on the dog breed, some are more enthusiastic in expressing their affectionate for you, whilst others maybe on the calmer side of showing their feelings.

There are certain dog breeds that are more playful than others, including attention towards strangers, other animals and their energy levels.

Listed below are the top eight most friendliest, affectionate dog breeds for this owners that want to give and receive a dog's love.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie has a very cute personality which matches their delicate looks and warm temperament.  They love the company of others, especially their owners and are unusually excited to meet new people. Yorkies love play time and have bundles of energy, despite their size. They do require plenty of exercise and attention. One of their favourite things to do is to curl up and cuddle their owner.


The Beagle is very considerate, calm, friendly and well-balanced by nature. The Beagle is a pack dog, so loves the company of others and is normally very sociable with others. They make an excellent choice for families with young children and form strong bonds with their family.

English Springer Spaniel

This dog breed is famous for its bouncy  and energetic behaviour. The Springer loves the company of other dogs and forming strong bonds with their families.  The Springer enjoys spending time with young children and will take part in playtime, whilst always remaining calm and patient.


The Maltese is bright-eyed and exceptionally cute. They will happily spend their entire day receiving lot of attention, including cuddles and belly rubs. Always on the alert and hunt to play and make new friends. You will often find the Maltese on the lap of their favourite people.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is known for being one of the kindest dog breeds that exists.  They have a laid back attitude and show genuine love for all those they share their life with. They possess a willingness to learn and help, which makes them perfect guard and helping dogs.


The typical Collie is highly energetic and loves to run and run. One of the favorite hobbies of a Collie is exercise and play. Providing the owner is willing to provide continuous exercise and play, then you will have made a best friend.  They get on extremely well with children and are normally keen to share their toys with those that they play with.

Labrador Retriever

The lab’s favorite pastime is to eat, if you’re willing to share the same love and of course treats! Then you have a dear friend for life. Eating treats isn't only their favorite hobby, they do love to socialise and play. They are extremely tolerant to other dog breeds and are normally found to be very happy, which shows with the constant wagging their tail.


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