10 Top Dog Breeds UK

6 October 2017 | Dog Advice

10 Top Dog Breeds In The UK

If you’re reading this article you might be considering buying or adopting a dog. All dog breeds are unique and make wonderful pets. You should always research what dog breed is suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Listed below are the top ten dog breeds judged by the sheer popularity. Regardless of what dog breed is most popular at the moment, you will need to be aware that owning a dog is a big commitment and you should never consider buying or adopting a dog for a fashion accessory. Dogs, as well as any animal, deserve the love and respect from humans and the responsibility should not be underestimated.

To make your search that little bit easier, we have listed below the top ten dog breeds released by the Kennel Club.

What makes a dog breed popular?

Many ask the question of what makes a dog breed the most popular. Judging popularity of a dog breed would be easier if we could rely on the most liked, the most sought after or even down to scientific reasons. However, this is not the case.

The dog breeds that make the top ten list are based on on a number of breeds of dog that are registered year on year in comparison to other dog breeds. Over the years the same dog breeds have made the top ten list and this list has stayed fairly consistent.

It’s worth noting that this list does not include older dogs breeds that are still around and non-registered dogs and non-pedigree dogs. Still, it's a very good start to understanding what breed of dog is the most popular.

Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel has consistently won the best in show title at Crufts. This dog breed has won the title seven times since it was introduced. This dog breed is extremely affectionate and loves to play. They're loyal and very friendly and are known for their adorable looks.

Labrador Retriever

This gorgeous dog breed is well known for being the nation's favourite. This dog breed has consistently remained at the top of the list for many years. The Lab was originally bred as a gun dog. They’re very loyal, friendly and make loving family pets.

The Lab is known for being good with children. They’re also easy to train and extremely intelligent.

German Shepherd

This dog breed is known for its large size and originates back to the 19th century. They're known for being devoted to their owners, intelligent and extremely loyal to their close ones. They’re amazingly versatile and often excel at any task they’re given.

This dog breed is known to be a working dog and often works alongside security, police and the military.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This dog breed is also another one of the nation's favorites. Despite its muscular appearance, this dog breed is very friendly and loyal. They make wonderful companions for families and are known to form strong bonds with their loved ones.

Springer Spaniel

The Springer is full of energy! They love to play and run in their local park. They're very well-mannered and have a wonderful nature. They make wonderful family pets are great for children that are also energetic and love the outdoors.

Border Terrier

This dog breed originates from the Scottish borders. They typically have a rough, wiry coat. They're very funny, lively and loving. They do tend to be tough and portray lots of confidence. They’re great with children but not so good with small pets and especially cats.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized dog breed with lots of energy. They’re intelligent and loyal. The Golden Retriever loves the water and going for long walks. They're very loyal and have the ability to work with humans. They're hard-working dogs and are often assigned to working roles to show support to those in need. Roles such as assistance for the deaf and blind and working alongside search and rescue teams.


The Boxer can make a great family pet if trained and raised correctly from being a puppy. They require lots of exercises and mental stimulation. As the Boxer ages, they tend to calm down and become more chilled. Over recent years their popularity has decreased, but they still remain the top ten list of dogs to own.


This dog breed has a rather funny, loving nature. With their attentive eyes and cute wrinkly face, they’re loved and adored by many families within the UK. They're very intelligent, good-natured and extremely entertaining.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog breed is extremely loyal and loving to their loved ones. With their adorable features and beautiful nature, they make the top ten list of dog breeds to own. They share the same traits as the Springer and Cocker; for being loyal and kind natured. They are the smaller of the Spaniel breeds and make wonderful lap dogs because of their size.

You can also use our dog breed selector to find your family a perfect breed.


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