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25 September 2017 | Cat Advice

Ways To Stimulate Your Stay At Home Cat

A cat that is bored will portray destructive behaviour like scratching or chewing something they're not meant to. They're also prone to waking their owners up in the middle of the night or picking a fight with other feline friends within the home. 

Cats have an innate desire to express themselves in various behaviours and if they're an indoor cat, this can be limiting and therefore they're likely to become bored and stressed very quickly.

They can express their stress in various ways, such as urinating in certain places, or hiding where they're not meant to. As a cat owner, you have a responsibility to provide stimulation and entertainment for your cat so that they're happy and living a fulfilling life. Normally a cat would fulfill their needs in the outdoors, which includes the need to, climb, hide and retreat and the desire to hunt. If they're an indoor cat, you will need to provide toys and places that they can play.

If you have noticed that your cat is not getting the stimulation they need, then carry on reading for some helpful hints and tips on ways to stimulate your stay at home cat.

Locate your cat's food to a new place

Cats that live in the wild will hunt for their food, your indoor cat has the same instincts. Simply moving their food bowl to another room will encourage them to hunt and search for their food.

Buy an interactive camera

This is a great way to stimulate your stay at home cat  whilst you're at work and keep an eye on them.  Cats get up to all sorts whilst their owners are out at work. To play and have fun with your cat you can now buy cameras for the home that are interactive and allow them to hear you and play games. You can remotely play from anywhere away from your home. Some cameras even come with a laser point that the cat will love to chase on your command.

Cats love solo play toys. This is a great way to add excitement to your cats day. They can play for hours with a single toy. There are mouse toys available on the market that move and require your cat to chase. This is one of your cat's favorite things to do. A good tip is to hide this toy so they have to hunt for it. This then adds extra excitement to their playtime. Keep swapping their toys over so they don't become bored playing with the same toy every day.

Hide their kibbles or treats around the home

Hiding your cat's favourite treats around the home is a fun game that all cats love to play. Whilst they're in another room you can scatter the treats around so this encourages the cat to climb or work for the retrieval of their favourite treat. Make sure that all sharp objects are out of harm's way and that there are no visible poisonous substances that the cat will come into contact with.

Bonding and grooming

Grooming is on every cat's agenda and one of the most pleasurable things they like to do. You can bond with your cat by spending time brushing them. Not only is this great for your cat's coat and skin but will bring you both closer together.

Preventing your indoor cat from putting on weight

Indoor cats are prone to putting weight on if they're not provided with enough stimulation and exercise. Obesity can onsite serious health issues if their weight is not maintained. You will always need to provide entertainment and toys for your cats to play with so they never become bored and unhappy.

With this, you must provide your cat with the correct diet and reward them with healthy treats as well as their favourite treats. Healthy treats are a gentle stroke and playtime.


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