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29 June 2017 | Cat Advice

How Can You Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant?

A pregnant cat needs to be treated with a lot of care maybe just like humans. Why would they be called queens if this was not true? For you to get it right about her health and nutrition, the pregnancy detection has to be done soon enough after mating. Mind you, she will not be able to tell you about her expectancy. You have to figure it out yourself.

Some cats show signs of pregnancy clearly while for others, you have to be keen enough to notice that she is expecting kittens in a little while. Some of the manifestations are different for different cats, but a majority of the signs remain the same universally.

This article will therefore, describe the signs that will help you know whether your kitty is pregnant so that she can have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

Pregnant cat signs

These signs may begin to show within 2 or 3 weeks after mating. The changes manifest either behaviorally, or they may occur physically. Knowing these signs is essential especially for first-time cat owners with first-time expectant cats. If you do not observe these signs, you may be ambushed by close to four furry kittens in the house. Some of the signs are:

  1. 1.     Nipple changes

For newbie cat owners, this is the first sign you should look out for. For one, it is the most obvious and the easiest to see. The cat’s nipples become swollen and larger. The nipples also change from their usual color to a kind of pink complexion.

If look keenly at the nipples area, you will also notice that the hair at the nipple points starts to clear up. The cat’s system releases hormones to clear these hairs to give the expected kittens an easy path/time during feeding. A queen cat will show these changes so look out for them.

Pregnant Cat

  1. 2.     Increased weight.

Just like most humans, cats too tend to put up some weight when expectant. When you see her body size increasing in size, you should know that your cat is up to something.

The belly bulge should be outward and not hang down funnily. A hanging belly may be another issue that needs your vet’s check-up. The increase in weight is in anticipation for the energy drain her kittens will subject her to.

  1. 3.     Increase in appetite

Isn’t this obvious? I know you got me there. When you have 3 or 4 little kittens growing inside you, you eat for all of you. If you see your Kitty becoming more voracious with her meals, you guessed it right; she may be expecting little ones soon. You have to get prepared.

Due to her swollen belly, there is limited space for food. The meals uptake will be small but more frequent. Give her lots of water and let her have lots of food as she might need.

  1. 4.     Nesting

This normally occurs towards the end of her pregnancy. So, if you missed the earlier signs, look out for this one. At this time, the cat is preparing for the arrival of her kittens, just like we humans do. She starts looking for places hidden from plain view, mostly under beds in wardrobes or closets.

The cat does this to ensure the safety of the young ones, and probably away from you. Some cats even attempt to arrange clothing for a soft spot for delivering her new bones.

  1. 5.     Changes in behaviors

When your cat is expectant, there are some routines that she will drop and adopt new ones. She starts to sleep more that she normally does, takes a walk around the compound less often, has a subdued kind of look, then you should know your cat is/may be expectant.

She will also play with you less often but still demand your attention with constant meows and straight looks into your face. You may also notice some changes in her moods and may get aggressive to you when irritated.

Some cats experience the human nemesis of morning sickness. Why do they like copying people anyway? She may vomit in the morning. However, the severity of the vomits should be of concern. If it is not moderate, then take her for a checkup.

Confirming the signs of pregnancy

These signs may give an inconclusive diagnosis and could also be subjective to the observer’s level of keenness. If you are not very sure after noting all these pregnancy symptoms in your cat, do take her to a veterinary officer for an accurate assessment.

  • The vet may confirm the pregnancy by feeling the cat’s abdomen for the presence of developing fetus. This may however not be conclusive as such.
  • An Ultrasound or an X-ray examination may also be carried out to give the most accurate results and even the health status of the unborn kittens. The Ultrasound will not show the number of kittens expected but the X-ray will.



These pregnancy symptoms in cats are very easy to notice if you monitor your cat closely. Why wouldn’t you? You simply look and see. Now that you have confirmed that Kitty is expecting newborns soon, you should make the appropriate preparations for her and the expected kittens.

Provide the appropriate nutrition, give her lots of water and provide her with a clean and soft place to lie until her time to deliver comes. With extra care, nothing should go wrong anyway. I hope this article will help you and your Kitty get along just fine.

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Sarah Keene is the founder of Themeowthing where she writes about the various cat breeds, kitty pet care & health advice, training tips, reviews of cat products, and any other issues that you might love to know about cats.


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