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9 January 2017 | Cat Advice

Owning your own cat or kitten

Introducing a new cat, or kitten to your home is a big decision and an important commitment. If you're looking to adopt for the first time, or add an addition to your family pets, then you will need to think about how they will fit into the family life and household. Cats have a reputation of being very solitary animals, but many of them prefer a feline companion, especially when you're out at work all day. Having two cats is no more trouble than having one alone. What you have to consider is the added expense for food and veterinary bills.

You may have your heart set on selecting a pedigree kitten, but you shouldn't rule out adopting a mature pedigree cat of your chosen breed. Some mature pedigree cats, may have lost their previous owners and are looking for a new loving home. If you're not looking to breed, or show your cat, then this option of a mature cat could work better. You will also being doing a good deed! Kittens don't stay young forever, so you would be giving a mature cat, a fresh start to life.

Whether you've decided to adopt or buy a kitten and/or cat, there are many important factors to consider:

  • We advise that you take your time looking for the right breed and don't act in haste. You have to remember that they will become a big part of your life for many years to come
  • When choosing your pet, monitor the full surroundings where they've been bred. Is it clean and warm. Do the kittens look healthy? No sticky eyes, sore paws, suspected tummy upsets?
  • Ask to see the parents and their certificates to prove that they are pedigree
  • Check that the kittens have been vaccinated and weaned accordingly
  • Remember to get your pet insured as quickly as possible
  • Never buy or adopt a kitten and/or cat if they look unhealthy and have behavioural issues. As difficult as it may be you must walk away and report them immediately to the RSPCA


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