Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

17 June 2017 | Cat Advice

Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

There is a lot of talk and questions from the general public on allergy related issues relating to domestic pets, including hypoallergenic dog breeds, searches for non-shedding dogs and allergy related issues to cats. Interestingly there are more people that have allergy related issues to cats than dogs and surprisingly there is less information written about hypoallergenic cat breeds.

There are many potential cat owners that dream of owning a cat, but are faced with a difficult decision whether keeping a cat is a wise decision based on their health needs. There are many breeds and cat owners that believe that there are certain cat breeds that are significantly less likely to trigger allergic reactions to people who are prone to allergies with cats. With this, it seems that this conversation topic is worth exploring further.

For further information about cat allergies and hypoallergenic cat breeds, please read on.

Hypoallergenic cat breeds

Typically a hypoallergenic cat means a cat that suposingly doesn't trigger allergy related issues. And would normally have less of the allergy triggering proteins that cause the allergic reaction.

There are some that still suffer with allergies and that would like to own a cat, Unfortunately, there really isn't a genuine hypoallergenic cat, as all cat breeds produce various protein compounds that can potentially trigger allergies. Some cats produce more than others.

There are some reasons why certain cat breeds cause less of a reaction, or no reaction for allergy sufferers. 

Cats that do not shed fur in vast amounts, meaning; the carrier will not spread allergenic compounds around so vastly.

Hairless cat breeds, as there really is hardly any fur to be shed and spread the allergenic compounds. Its worth noting that these compounds are still produced by the cat and will be present on their fur.

There are some cat breeds known to produce less of the compounds, than other cat breeds, meaning exposure to these cat breeds will cause less of an allergic reaction.

Its often the case that male cats produce more of the allergenic proteins then female cats and that cats that are neutered produce far less of the compound than a Tom cat.

What causes cat allergies

There are certain proteins that are produced naturally by the cat and can trigger allergy related issues in people that are sensitive to them. The protein is made up of allergenic compounds that can cause adverse reactions. These are Fel d 1 protein which is produced by the sebaceous glands found in the skin. Fel d 4 protein, which is found within the cats saliva. An allergic reaction can be caused by being in close contact with a cat, or having a cat within your home, or being anywhere or touching anything where the cat has been can trigger an allergic reaction in people who are normally sensitive to cats. The allergic reaction symptoms normally range between sore and itchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat, coughing and asthma attacks.

The general public often assume that the cat fur, or cat dander mostly causes the allergic reaction, but this isn't 100% accurate. A cat moulting or shedding its fur can distribute allergenic compounds that are present on the cats hair, this meaning that cats that shed the most can cause more of an allergic reaction than cats that do not shed as much, but the fur isn't the direct cause of the allergy.

Cat breeds less likely to cause an allergic reaction

There is never any guarantee that a cat will not trigger some kind of allergy. Some people are fine with cats and there are some that will have an allergic reaction without any warning. Some find that they suffer badly towards cats and then exposed to a certain breed of cat and show no symptoms of allergies.

Its often hard to detect or to pin point an allergy, especially with animals. Normally this involves a lot of testing and exposure.

Listed below are the main breeds and types of cats that are refereed to as hypoallergenic cat breeds and have less of a chance triggering allergy related issues.

  • Bengal
  • Siamese 
  • Siberian
  • Devon Rex
  • Russin Blue
  • Abyssinian
  • Oriental Shorthair
  • Balinese Cat


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