Can My Cat Catch The Coronavirus

6 April 2020 | Cat Advice

Can My Cat Catch The Coronavirus?

Can My Cat Catch Coronavirus? 

Many cat owners up and down the country are petrified about their cats catching Covid-19, whilst there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted to our pets, there are still growing concerns from animal owners as this disease progresses. 

The government has advised everyone to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds if they’ve been outside, touched anything conspicuous or coughed and sneezed. Whilst we learn more about the Covid-19 virus it is worth adopting the same principles before and after touching your cat. With those infected with  coronavirus Covid-19 you should be particularly careful and look to minimise contact with your cat as much as possible. 

Is Feline Coronavirus (FCov) The Same as Covid-19? 

Short answer is no. FCov is completely different and can be contagious amongst cats as it can be found in the cats feces, it is more common in multi-cat households and can not be passed onto other animals or humans. 

I have symptoms of coronavirus, does this mean I have to keep my cat inside? 

If you’re displaying typical symptoms of Covid-19 or you’ve been recently diagnosed with the virus, then you should limit the amount of time your cat spends outside unsupervised. If possible you should prevent your cat from going outside until you’re fully recovered. With that in mind, you should also consider your cats mental well-being and make sure they have plenty of toys to play with along with access to a private outdoor space where they can’t climb and escape. 

Can My Cat catch Covid-19 if They’ve Not Been Neutered? 

If your cat or kitten hasn’t yet been neutered then it’s best that they’re kept inside to avoid the risk of them becoming pregnant. Most veterinary practises are still doing urgent treatments but as this treatment is non-urgent it’s less likely that you’ll be able to get your cat or kitten neutered during this time. 

If you have other cats in your house (including sister or brother) then you should separate them until this procedure has been carried out. 

If in any doubt, then Mypetzilla advises that you call your local veterinary practice to understand their current procedures. 

Can I Stroke Other Peoples Cats During the Covid-19 Pandemic? 

As there is currently little evidence on how long the virus can live on cat’s fur it is advisable that you avoid stroking other peoples cat’s for the time being until further research is conducted. 

This also applies to picking up stray cats, for the time being it's best to avoid taking in any stray cats until further research is carried out and this virus is better understood whether there is transmission between pets and humans. 

Can I Take My Cat To The Vets?

For the foreseeable, all veterinary practices are temporarily shut and only operating for emergency care. The vast majority of veterinary practises will have a Covid-19 policy and can best advise on your cats health care during the pandemic. If you need any medical advice or unsure of anything, then the best cause of action is to ring your local vets. 


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