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22 February 2017 | Bird Advice

Looking After Your Bird

Birds are typically not the most challenging pets to own, but responsibilities of any pet owner are still serious and being a bird owner must be taken seriously to ensure your bird is happy and healthy. Many bird species are prone to becoming bored and portray descructive behaviour if not cared for correctly. Birds love human company as part of their well being. It’s important that they have regular exercise, like all domestic pets and have a large cage to do so. As well as a spacious cage, it is important that your bird has time to fly outside of their cage.

Every bird specicies has their specific needs, so it’s advisable that as an owner you do your research on what your bird requires to live a healthy happy life. Basic requirements are keeping your bird’s cage regularly clean, daily cleaning of all droppings and uneaten seeds from the bottom of their cage. What is useful is to have a removable litter tray which makes maintaining a clean cage, easier. Your bird’s cage should have one deep clean on a monthly basis, along with a good cleaning of their toys and bowls.

Your bird should have plenty of daily stimulating interaction, and this can be done as feeding or encouraging them to entertain themselves with their toys. It is important to get the right balance of attention, as giving them too much notice can stress your bird out, or some may become used to the attention and can get distressed when their owner is out. It is best practise that you inspire your bird to become aware of all family members.

Your bird’s cage should contain enough space and objects so they can exercise and play comfortably. Most bird species really do benefit with some time away from their cage so they can fly around. Before doing this you must make sure that your home is bird proof, by closing the windows and getting rid of anything that could cause harm to your bird.

The cage are should be appropriate for them in terms of cleanliness and noise level. Most birds don’t mind the sound of TV or music playing, this making the living area a good choice for them to reside. You must take extra precaution that other household pets are not able to gain access to their cage. The loud bird or a dog could stress your bird out, so it’s best to keep them separated most of the time. It goes without saying that cigarette smoke can be extremely harmful to your bird and any other pet.

Most wild birds can maintain their own grooming requirements. However, your bird will require a bit of help to keep clean. This includes trimming their claws, wings and their beaks. Clipping of the wings can be done in Parrot species but not all. It also is important that both of their wings should have their feathers cut, which will help prevent them from get too much height and enable them to remain balanced and they don’t crash land. A reputable veterinary practice should always perform this procedure, as this can but a bit tricky and splinter if not performed incorrectly.

For further advice on grooming your pet please visit our pet advice section.


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