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Life span

15 Years


12 Kg


Pastoral Dogs

Welsh Springer Spaniel Overview

This dog breed is a member of the Spaniel Family.  They’re a medium sized dog breed with a slightly rounded head and compact body. Their muzzle is square shaped and is normally as long as their skull. Their eyes are oval shaped and are the shade of brown in colour. This dog breed weighs in normally in the region of: Females 16 -20kg and Males 18-20kg. Their height varies between: Female 41-46cm and Male 43-48cm.

Their coat comes in single combination of colour which is white with red markings and comes either straight or wavy. This dog breed is extremely affectionate and loyal to their loved ones. They do have a tendency to become attached very easily, so an owner of this dog breed must strike a healthy balance of attention and independence.

They have a willingness to please and will always want to protect their owners. Consistent training is necessary as they have the tendency to misbehave if not trained correctly.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Characteristics

Size InformationIntelligence
  • 5
Size InformationExercise Needs
  • 5
Size InformationDogs Health
  • 4
Size InformationChild Friendly
  • 5
Size InformationApartment
  • 4
Size InformationShedding
  • 3
Size InformationGrooming Needs
  • 4
Size InformationBarking
  • 5
Size InformationAlone
  • 1
Size InformationTrainability
  • 5
Size InformationEnergy Levels
  • 5
Size InformationDog friendly
  • 4