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Life span

15 Years


65 Kg


Pastoral Dogs

Turkish Kangal Overview

This dog is rather large, heavy boned and powerful. Their head is moderately sized, albeit in proportion to their body. The Turkish Kangal has a double coat that's rather dense and short. Their colouring ranges from light dun to grey.

This dog breed has a lot of strength and would make a great guard dog. They’re very alert, defensive when needed and territorial over their loved ones. They’re very wary of strange dogs and a somewhat reserved with strangers. This dog breed does require a firm hand in training from their owner to keep them in check, however, they’re extremely loyal to their loved ones and only want to protect when they feel that they’re under any kind of threat.

The height and weight vary between male and female. Male: 77-6 cm in height and 50-66 kg in weight. Female: 72-77cm height and 41-54 kg in weight.

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Turkish Kangal Characteristics

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History & Origin

The Kangal dog breed was bred thousands of years ago to serve the people of Anatolia and continues to be a popular dog breed within many years ago the Kangal was used as a protector for sheep and other livestock and is renowned for being a defender against wolves and other predators.


Turkish Kangal Temperament

The Kangal has a distinct and protective temperament making them great guard dogs. This dog breed makes a great family pet as they love to protect their loved ones and are known for developing a really strong bond with their family. However, training must be implemented from a young age to prevent them, from becoming too territorial. This dog breed has a tendency to want to become the "pack leader" and this behaviour needs to be addressed and assertive training is a must to prevent any territorial behaviours.

Turkish Kangal Training

The Kangal is intelligent and can be trained to help guard livestock and properties. They require firm, consistent and positive training for them to excel and become a loving companion as well as a watchdog. This dog breed is known for being very stubborn and therefore when training all owners must be patient and firm but not too hard on them if they don't do as they're told right away.

The Kangal like many other dog breeds needs to be socialised from a young age for them to become well--rounded and calm in the presence other others and animals. 


The Kangals coat is short, dense and requires very little grooming. Twice weekly brushing is enough to help keep the Kangals coat in optimum condition. They do, however, shed seasonally and would need more brushing during this time. 

The Kangal like all dog breeds requires for their teeth to be brushed regularly and regular maintenance of their ears and paws to prevent any unwanted skin infections.


The Kangal dog is generally healthy as long as they are bred by a responsible breeder. This dog breed tends not to have too many congenital conditions like other dog breeds, however, they are prone to developing minor health conditions such as hip dysplasia and begin tumours. As with all dog breeds, they must be taken to the vets for regular check-ups so any potential health issues are identified in the early stages and treated sooner. 

Turkish Kangal Exercise Needs

The Kangal dog is large in size and needs plenty of exercise and room to stretch out. They're energetic and therefore require more exercise than other dog breeds. They need a garden to play and roam; preferably of a large size. Twice a day they need a minimum of 45 minutes to walk to let off some steam and explore. They also require plenty of mental stimulation to prevent them from becoming bored and destructive. 

Children and other pets

The Kangal makes a wonderful addition to a family as they're very loyal and protective. Early socialisation with other household pets is a must so they both get along. This dog breed is great with children of older age because of their size.