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Life span

12 Years


20 Kg


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Sussex Spaniel Overview

The Sussex Spaniel is a beautiful natured dog and loves the company of their loved ones. They enjoy a slower pace of life even though they’re extremely energetic. They’re known for being very obedient but can also be stubborn at times. They love playing and very good with young children. This dog breed is just as happy spending their time playing outdoors as they do relax inside their home on their owner's lap.

The Sussex Spaniel has a hunting instinct and very high energy levels. They require an owner that's equally as active and enjoys the outdoors. They’re very clever and witty when in the right mood. They have a mind of their own, so, continuous training is a must! They’re easily adaptable if trained correctly when young.

Their body shape is small and compact and their ears are very typical of a Spaniel - pendant like, long and low on their head. Their coat should be silky and very soft and their typical colouring is golden.

The height and weight of both the female and male Sussex Spaniel do not vary too much and typically ranges between 18-20kg in weight and 38 - 41cm in height.

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Sussex Spaniel Characteristics

Size InformationIntelligence
  • 5
Size InformationExercise Needs
  • 2
Size InformationDogs Health
  • 4
Size InformationChild Friendly
  • 5
Size InformationApartment
  • 5
Size InformationShedding
  • 3
Size InformationGrooming Needs
  • 4
Size InformationBarking
  • 4
Size InformationAlone
  • 1
Size InformationTrainability
  • 3
Size InformationEnergy Levels
  • 2
Size InformationDog friendly
  • 5

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