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Life span

13 Years


36 Kg


Hound Dogs

Segugio Italiano Overview

The Segugio Italiano is a medium-sized breed that belongs to the scenthound family. It is lightly built and has a square profile with a length almost equal to its height at the withers. The breed comes in two varieties: the coarse-haired and the short-haired variety. Both varieties are versatile hunting dogs that have keen nose and superb endurance. The breed features an elongated and narrow skull with very slight stop, black nose with wide nostrils and a slightly curved bridge. It has large, oval, dark eyes and low set, triangular ears that hang close to the cheeks. The teeth form a regular scissor bite. A lean neck of medium length supports the elongated head from the equally long shoulders. The Segugio Italiano also has straight and powerful forelegs and muscular thighs that aid in free and active movement. The legs are cushioned to the ground by tight, oval feet with thick pads. It also has a deep chest and a short but muscular back that rises slightly over the loin. The highly set tail tapers to a tip and carried high in a sabre curve. The coat of the coarse-haired variety is harsh, dense, wiry and close lying approximately 2 inches (5 cms) in length at its longest while the coat of the shorthaired variety is smooth, thick and shiny. The breed comes in black and tan or any shade of deep red to wheaten.

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Segugio Italiano Characteristics

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History & Origin

The Segugio Italiano is thought to be an ancient breed which descended in pre-Roman times from scenthound ancestry in ancient Egypt. The breed is believed to have been brought to Greece and then to Italy where it might have been crossed with the Roman Molossus breed. The earliest evidences about the existence of this breed can be found in ancient statuaries in Italy including the “Diana The Huntress” in the Naples Museum and “Diana with Bow and Arrow” at the Vatican Museum, as well as in several Italian Renaissance paintings. The breed’s appearance and abilities were greatly improved and mended during the Renaissance period when the Segugio Italiano was in great demand for hunting. The breed was extensively involved in grand hunts (hunting hare, fox, and wild boar) usually working in a pack along with the hunters in horseback as well as trumpeters and beaters in full livery. Unfortunately, as the grand hunts ended the Segugio Italiano fell into a period of neglect. By the late 19th century, the Segugio Italiano had evolved into several varieties including the Lomellina hound and the Alpine hound. Luckily, the onset of the 20th century brought renewed interest in the breed and is now one of the most abundant dogs in Italy, prized as a wonderful companion. A Segugio Italiano won the first European Cup in 1993 in France.

Segugio Italiano Temperament

The Segugio is a calm breed, often barking only when there is a need to alert the owner. It has a deep, harmonious voice. The Segugio Italiano is very gentle and even-tempered and the mastiff blood makes him more open to training than most hounds. This robust, very hardy, agile, and enthusiastic dog has an outstanding nose that can work alone or in a pack. It is perfectly adaptable in hunting, from flat, open country to the most rugged mountainous terrain and has an enormous endurance, often hunting a full 12-hour period without rest.

Segugio Italiano Training

Being independent and sometimes stubborn, the Segugio Italiano needs firm, consistent but gentle and patient training from a loving owner and training sessions should be short, fun and varying. Early socialization is required in order to raise a hound with balanced temperament while obedience training of at least basic level should be given at an early age.


The coat of the Segugio Italiano requires minimal maintenance. Brushing or combing on a weekly basis to remove loose or dead hair is sufficient. The addition of boiled linseed oil to the breed’s base diet will help bring out the lovely shimmer of the coat.


The Segugio Italiano is a robust and hardy breed with no major health problems. It has an average lifespan of 11 to 13 years.

Segugio Italiano Exercise Needs

This working breed needs space and a lot of exercise. It has a lot of endurance that needs to be channelled or it will transform into boredom which can result in unsocial or destructive behaviour. Daily long walks on leash, jogging or any vigorous activities in an open and secured space will keep this breed physically and mentally fit. It is not recommended for an apartment living and will do best in a house with a secured, well-fenced yard.

Children and other pets

Centuries of working side-by-side with people and working in packs has made the breed sociable and even-tempered and generally reliable with children and gets along well with other dogs. Although the Segugio Italiano is independent and has a stubborn streak, the breed can be a wonderful companion pet.