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Life span

15 Years


7.5 Kg

Breed Group

Hybrid Dogs

Plummer Terrier Characteristics

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Plummer Terrier Overview

The Plummer Terrier is a working dog breed that's striking to look at. Their incredibly good looks are made up of a fiery red coloured coat and white patterned collar around their neck. This dog breed is active, adaptable and strong. They love time outdoors and are equally happy inside cuddled up in their owners company. They’re intelligent, tenacious and very courageous.

The Plummer Terrier is affectionate, trustworthy and loyal and very protective of their family. They’re alert, bright and rarely show aggressive behaviour.

The measure in height 14 inches to the shoulder whether they’re male or female and weigh between 6-8kgs.

Plummer Terrier

Plummer Terrier Photos

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