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Life span

15 Years


5.4 Kg


Terrier Dogs

Norfolk Terrier Overview

The Norfolk Terrier belongs to the small dog breeds. Although they are on the small side they have a very big personality. They're a working dog breed and have bags of energy. Training is necessary and especially from a young age. If not trained correctly their personality can become overbearing and dominant.

This dog breed loves to cuddle up on their owner's lap. They also love the outdoors and are a pro at playing ball games. If you’re looking for a dog breed that is rather cute yet study, then the Norfolk Terrier is a great choice of dog breed. They're especially good with children and very patient with child's play.

They weight between 11-12 pounds and measure 9 to inches in height.

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Norfolk Terrier Characteristics

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History & Origin

The Norfolk Terrier was originally bred to go after vermin and was recognised as an independent dog breed back in 1964. 

Norfolk Terrier Temperament

The Norfolk is fearless and very independent. Out of all of the dogs in the Terrier group, the Norfolk has the softest temperament. The Norfolk gets along with other dogs as they love to be part of a pack. They make great family pets because their loving and enjoy playing with children. 

Norfolk Terrier Training

The Norfolk Terrier should be socialised early and be trained with positive reinforcement. They excel in obedience classes and are eager to please which makes training the Norfolk very enjoyable. 


The Norfolk requires moderate levels of grooming. They should be brushed 2-3 times a week to prevent their coat from becoming matted and tanged. They should only ever be bathed when dirty and they require their ears to be cleaned regularly to prevent infections. 

As with all dog breeds, you should pay special attention to their paws to make sure their in great condition and free from any debris they may have dug out from the garden. They also need their teeth brushing every day. 


The Norfolk Terrier is predisposed to certain health conditions such as moral valve disease and luxating patella. They can also suffer from incorrect bites whereby the teeth do not align with the breed standard. 

Norfolk Terrier Exercise Needs

The Norfolk requires moderate levels of exercise and plenty of outdoor space to play. They should be walked twice daily for a minimum of 40-60 minutes. 

They love playing outdoors and therefore would suit living in a space with plenty of outdoor areas to roam and play. 

Children and other pets

The Norfolk Terrier gets on very well with children of all ages. They love to play and are very kind dogs and would, therefore, want to protect their family. Playtime should always be supervised with dogs and children.

The Norfolk gets on with other dogs as long as their socialised correctly from a young age and trained to play correctly.