Life span

12 Years


91 Kg

Breed Group

Working Dogs

Thinking of buying or adopting a Mastiff?


This dog breed is notoriously large. In fact, they are one of the largest dog breeds on the planet. They have a wonderful temperament, and this can be overlooked due to their size and stance.

They're very affectionate, loving and kind. They love spending time with their family and will spend most of their time protecting them. They're courageous by nature, whilst remaining dignified in their approach. This dog breed is an overall well-balanced dog breed and will suit most families.

The weight and height vary between male and female. Male weight is between 73-100 kg and Female weight is 73-110 kg. Male height is 70-91 cm and female height is between 70-91 cm.

The Mastiff comes in a variety of colours, ranging from Brindle, Apricot and Fawn.


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