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Life span

15 Years


10 Kg

Breed Group

Hybrid Dogs

Jagdterrier Characteristics

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Jagdterrier Overview

This dog breed is a working terrier and originates from Germany. They're very reliable, courageous and strong willed. The require a patient approach to their training as the Jagdterrier has a mind of their own. They're very sociable and adaptable to most situations they're presented with. The Jagdterrier is known for their intelligence, they're very clever and aim to please their owners.

This dog breed wouldn't suit a family with young children as they're too active and require a firm approach during playtime. The Jagdterrier comes in both Black and tan. A female Jagdterrier weighs between 7.5-8.5kg and measures in height 33-40cm. The male weighs 9-10kg and measures in height 33-40cm.

Jagdterrier Photos

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