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Life span

14 Years


30 Kg


Pastoral Dogs

Belgian Shepherd Overview

The Belgian Shepherd is  strong, agile, quick and intelligent breed who is easily trainable. These kind of qualities explain the breeds impressive versatility and usefulness for all kinds of canine sports, training disciplines and service. This breed is a devoted companion, with lots of affectionate behavior and devotion to their families.

The Belgian Shepherd needs plenty of mental stimulation and exercise. They are extremely active and should not be considered as pets if their are to be left alone all day and may experience separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.

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Belgian Shepherd Characteristics

Size InformationIntelligence
  • 5
Size InformationExercise Needs
  • 5
Size InformationDogs Health
  • 4
Size InformationChild Friendly
  • 4
Size InformationApartment
  • 2
Size InformationShedding
  • 3
Size InformationGrooming Needs
  • 3
Size InformationBarking
  • 2
Size InformationAlone
  • 2
Size InformationTrainability
  • 5
Size InformationEnergy Levels
  • 5
Size InformationDog friendly
  • 3

History & Origin

The Belgian Shepherd was first bred in the city of Malines in the northwestern region of Belgium and is closely related to to the Belgian herding dogs. 

Belgian Shepherd Temperament

The Belgian Shepherd is an intelligent dog breed with a loving nature. They're alert, smart, agile and devoted to their loved ones. they excel in training as they're eager to learn and impress their close ones. They love to be the centre of attention and can spend an endless amount of time entertaining their family with their newly learnt tricks. 

Belgian Shepherd Training

The Belgian Shepherd like many other herding dog breeds have a very high prey drive and very interested in moving objects with the desire to chase. This applies to children and small pets. This behaviour should be directed into acceptable activities through obedience training. early socialisation is a must for this dog breed so they grow into a well-balanced and well-behaved dog.


The Belgian Shepherd requires very little grooming. Brushing their coat twice a week is enough to keep their coat well maintained. They shed twice a year and during this shedding period, they should be brushed more often. Like all dog breeds, they require regular teeth brushing, nail clipping and cleaning when necessary. 


The Belgian Shepherd is generally a very healthy dog breed with very little serious health conditions. They are, however, predisposed to certain eye problems and hip & elbow dysplasia. When looking to buy a Belgian Shepherd puppy you should check with the breeder what genetic testing they have done during the breeding process. 

Belgian Shepherd Exercise Needs

The Belgian Shepherd is highly intelligent, muscular and very athletic. They require lots of daily exercises. Walking them daily isn't enough and they require long runs with their owner or long mountain climbs. This dog breed needs plenty of exercises to be happy and well-balanced and would only suit a family that loves exploring the great outdoors. 

Children and other pets

The Belgian Shepherd suits a family with older children as they have a tendency to chase smaller children should they try and run and apply. Because of their high prey drive they wouldn't suit living in a house with other small pets. Playtime should always be supervised to prevent rough play.