Meet Titan The Best True To Type Blue Staff Stud On The Planet

Morecambe, 16 Robin crescent


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Advert: For Stud

Age:2 Years 6 Months 18 Days

Size: Medium Dog Breeds

Microchipped: Yes

Vaccinations: Yes

Neutered: No

KC Registered: Yes

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Pet Description

No white feet no white nails no yellow or light coloured eyes stands 15" to his withers this is not a watered down Staffordshire bull terrier like lots that are being offered for stud
We are very proud to announce the arrival of our home bred stud dog holliesblue val glo Titan he is the King of all blue staffordshire bull terriers he carries 30 champions in his 5 generation pedigree and puts 14 champions into every pup he sires no other blue staff dog in the world can do this this is verified by the kennel club of Great Britain we are only studding this dog to a select few, your bitch will be checked and vetted before any mating will take place.

His Father is the world famous Valglo Neptune he is the only blue Staff that carries the Valglo name outside the famous Valglo Kennels
We are the owners of both his parents.

Check him out we're not saying he's probably the best he is THE BEST his KC pedigree does not lie, we have the best two true to type blue staff's in Europe being The Blue Bouncer and Valglo Neptune but this boy even beats these two monsters Bouncer holds 30 champions in his 5 gen and puts 13 into his pups and Neptune holds 28 and puts 14 into his pups but like we say Titan holds 30 in his 5 gen and puts 14 into his pups
check this yourself if you don't believe it just go to enter his name Holliesblue Val Glo Titan

He's bred from the very best black and blue show lines this country has to offer fully health tested L2hga-hc clear he has zero faults, deep chest, thick bone structure, excellent top line, short muzzle, defined large bully head, perfect scissor bite, perfect rosebud ears every single nail is black, Titan not only has the looks and correct pigmentation but also the pedigree to back it up and most importantly he has the dark brown eyes that a staff is supposed to have.

He is bred from the best to the best and we have had 2 litters from him now in our kennels pics are on here to see, if you want to improve your bloodline this is the boy you need, our price for the service of this boy may seam high to those of you that don't know the true potential of this boy but serious blue breeders will understand why once you check out his pedigree remember his name
TITAN king of all blue staffs

Here are some the champions in his 5 gen KC pedigree
Sparstaff Dodgy Docker
Jamarvins Femme Fatale Of Vanoric
Valglo Lancer
Lethal Weapon Of Crashkon
Crossguns Revolution
Valglo Corolla
Judael Both Barrels At Nozac
Brystaff Simply The Best
Spartan Victor
Beebeemi Claudius
Knockon Dance With The Divil
Mountaboo Seasoned Man At Pantycelyn
Inkastaff Midnight Crisis
Inkastaff Scorpion King
Valglo Jeff's Choice
Valglo Casanova At Crossguns
Vanoric Voo Doo
Szondhu Ulster Maddy
Carnig Positive Profile

All of the above are Champions Titan as been bred from years and years of carefully chosen quality breeding from the finest bloodlines in the Staffordshire bull terriers breed.
That's why he is The King Of The Blues

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