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Advert: Wanted

Age:1 Years 10 Months 21 Days

Pet Breed: Mixed Breed

Size: Dog Breeds

Microchipped: Yes

Vaccinations: Yes

Neutered: No

KC Registered: No

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Hi everyone i have a japanese akita cross German Shepard and I'm looking for a friend for her. Shes great with other dogs and now that she is settled im looking to introducing a pup into the house ????
So just a little bit about Sasha, Sasha is very energetic, she loves going on walks and is very playful. Over the past few months we've had people allow their dogs to stay over to spend time with sasha to make sure we are making the right decision. What we have learnt is she will benefit from a pup that is able to keep up with her. The most recent dog we had (and we thought he was going to be one) was a Labrador cross akita/husky however as he was a lot older he didnt seem to be able to keep up with her. (For a picture of Sasha sew below). Also i have 6 cats and they would benefit from a puppy to get used too not a big dog.
Me and my partner live in a 2 bedroom house with a huge garden (back, side and front) so plently of room to play and have fun. My partner works part time and i attend university only twice a week so im home most of the time, as we have just moved Sasha hasn't been going to her classes as my partner has cut down his hours at work and he is home with her most of the time (we dont like leaving her on her own for long periods of time) however in a few weeks she will be going back again. She will be attending her Saturday training class and will be attending puppy day care to sociolse with other dogs and new people.
Many people offer the suggest to go through a rescue however i've tried with many and they are very costly and as i have refused to seperate my garden into 2 bits im not allowed a pup off them (the only reason i have refused is because my dog enjoys having loads of room to run and play and im not restricting her space for no good reason) as my garden is secure with both a fence and wall. ( i am getting it made higher but a pup cannot get over it at all)
We are looking for a pup, good with cats and dogs :) We are looking for a dog that is a big breed due to sasha being big?
House checks and visits are more than welcome and i'll keep you up to date :) i can also get a reference from the people i got my pup from as they have been kept up to date since day one
Feel free to message me :)

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