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Life span

12 Years


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Peterbald Overview

The Peterbald is known for its distinct looks and features. They have the hair-losing gene and can often be born either bald, or with a coat; which comes in a variety of colours. They have a sweet nature and are very affectionate with their loved ones. They’re smart, energetic, curious and very peaceful.

The Peterbald tends to live in harmony with other domestic pets and especially cats; as well as children. The Peterbald is of medium size with a muscular build. Their head is narrow and long with a straight profile. Their eyes are almond shaped and their muzzle is wedge shaped. Their tail is whip-like and they have webbed feet and oval paws that allow them to open door knobs and grasps objects. This cat breed typically has no fur but some of the breeds have short fuzzy hair. If your Peterbald is born with no hair you can notice the wrinkles more in their body. Their other features also include almond shaped eyes, pointed ears that resemble bats ears. They have slender bodies and their heads are triangle shaped.

Peterbald Characteristics

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