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Life span

13 Years


Ocicat Overview

The Ocicat is a domestic cat breed that resembles a wild cat. This cat breed is spotted like a wild cat but has the same personality and temperament of a domestic cat. The Ocicat comes in a variety of colours. They have almond shaped eyes, large strong bodies, with muscular legs and powerful paws. Their head is wedged-shaped and their ears are titled at a 45 degree angle. Their most striking feature is their dark contrasting spots.


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Ocicat Characteristics

History & Origin

The Ocicat was a result of a breeding experiment back in 1964 by a cat breeder by Virginia Daly. They were first recognised by the Cat fanciers Association (CFA) in 1966. 

Ocicat Temperament

The Ocicat has a huge personality. They're friendly and very outgoing and love the company of most people. They're deviated to their loved ones and very rarely show any aggression. The Ocicat is playful, intelligent and very curious. Because of their intelligence, they're very easy to train. 

This wonderful cat makes a great addition to a family with young children because of their playful ways. They have a very calm personality and love to spend their time chilling with their loved ones. Please note playtime should always be supervised between cats and children.


The Ocicat has a short, dense coat and requires very little grooming. Brushing them once a week is enough to keep their coat in great condition. 

Brushing their teeth as much as possible as well as keeping their nails regularly trimmed will also help keep onto of their grooming regime.


The Ocicat has no known hereditary health conditions. As with all cat breeds, they should be fed a well-balanced and healthy diet and combine with regular check-ups at the vets will help maintain a healthy lifestyle for your cat. 

Ocicat Exercise Needs

They’re a powerful cat breed and extremely energetic. This cat breed is very sociable and makes wonderful family pets. They get on very well with other household pets as well as strangers. Often, the Ocicat is referred to as a dog trapped in a cat’s body. They can easily be trained to fetch, walk on leash and harness. They obey commands such as fetch, speak, lie down and sit. They’re very agile and love to climb and hide in the strangest of places.