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Life span

12 Years


Norwegian Forest Cat Overview

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a strongly build cat and larger than most other cat breeds. The female typically weighs between 3.5-4.5kg and the male weighs between 5.5-7.5kg. This cat breed has long legs, bushy tail and a long, sturdy body. Their coat is glossy, long and thick and water repellent. They have a woolly undercoat, which is thicker around their legs. Their eyes are almond-shaped and come in a variety of colours. They have large ears that are wide at the base and tufted at the tip.

The Norwegian Forest Cat has strong claws which make them excellent climbers! This cat breed is generally very quiet but can develop a loud noise should they be kept in the house with a dog. They are very intelligent, friendly and great with strangers. They have lots of energy and are known to be demanding of their owner’s attention and time. They spend most of their time outdoors and therefore become very good hunters.


Norwegian Forest Cat Characteristics

History & Origin

The Norwegian Forest cat is believed to have originated from the shorter-haired cats brought in by the Vikings from Great Britain ad the longer haired cats brought in by the Crusaders to Scandinavia, which resulted in them mating with the local feral and farm cats. 

Norwegian Forest Cat Temperament

The Norwegian Forest cat is gentle, friendly and very calm. This cat breed is known to be very intelligent and often described to be "dog-like". This cat breed is easily adaptable, bold and really good with children, which makes them the perfect family pet. 

The Norwegian Forest Cat is similar to the Maine Coon but they do differ in terms of their temperament and personality. Kidney diseases have been reported within this cat breed, but any professional breeder should look to test for any predisposed genetic health-related issues before breeding.


Norwegian forest cats are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. They are very well adept at looking after their own growing regime and will often devote a lot of their time to it. They require brushing twice a week to help keep their coat in great condition and tangle-free. 

As with all cat breeds, the Norwegian Forest cat also requires regular brushing of their teeth and frequent veterinary health check-ups. 

Children and other pets

Norwegian forest cats are very good with children of all ages. Their calm nature makes them a wonderful pet for your children to bond and grow with. If you are to introduce another pet to the family, then early socialisation is important as well as training.

Cats and children should never be left unsupervised, playtime must always be supervised by a responsible adult.