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Life span

18 Years


Nebelung Overview

The Nebelung is a graceful cat with a delightful personality. They have very long legs, neck and body. Their eyes are slightly oval and green in colour. Their large, pointed ears are their most stand-out feature. Their soft coat is silky and grey in colour. The fur on their tail is noticeably longer than on their body.

Their overall appearance is a well-built, sturdy cat with a muscular build. The Nebelung weighs between 3.5kg for the female and 6.5kg for the male. This cat breed is well-natured, intelligent and very playful. They often have sudden bursts of energy and love to spend this time playing with their loved ones. They prefer the company of their loved ones rather than the company of strangers.

They’re very good and communicating and will happily let you know when they need something. It’s been known for the Nebelung to communicate better than the average dog breed. The Nebelung is easy to handle and learns new tricks at fast speed and with total ease. They enjoy sitting on their owners lap as well as running around and playing lots of games with their favourite person. The Nebelung needs routine and doesn’t do well with erratic feed times.

Thinking of buying or adopting a Nebelung?

Nebelung Characteristics

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