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Life span

13 Years


Manx Overview

The Manx cat breed is best known to be the cat that has no tail. There are some cat breeds that have very small tails, but the Manx is completely tail-free. However, this doesn’t apply to all Manx cat breeds; some are known to have long tails and others to have a stumpy tail. This is not their only distinguishing feature; they also have a round head with round eyes. Their body is compact and their chest is broad. The Manx has long rear legs which give off the appearance of a rabbit. They have two different coat lengths: the long-haired double coat and the short double coat. Both lengths of coats come in a variety of colours, such as lavender and chocolate.

The Manx makes a great watch cat. If they feel threatened by something out of the ordinary they will growl and may even go into attack. If they see that you’re not alarmed they will calm back down. When they’re not protecting the family, they like to relax and enjoy cuddling up with their favourite person. They’re an active cat breed and love play-time. The Manx needs lots of mental stimulation, so it's best that they have lots of interactive toys to choose from.

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Manx Characteristics

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