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Life span

16 Years


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LaPerm Overview

The LaPerm cat is a rex breed originating from the United States. This cat breed is unique and differs somewhat from other Rex Cat breeds. They have an athletic and elegant build with an outgoing nature and affectionate personality. The LaPerm is a hypoallergenic cat breed as they have a lower level of allergen than other cat breeds.

The LaPerm's most significant feature is their coat, which consists of soft curls and ringlets, often said to resemble a shaggy perm. Their body is medium sized, with long legs and neck. The LaPerm has a rather broad nose, medium sized almond eyes and flared ears. Like with other Rex Cat Breeds, their coat comes in a variety of colours and patterns. Their coat is easy to groom and hardly ever sheds. They do require regular ear cleaning and nail trimming.

As with most cat breeds, The LaPerm has an inquisitive nature and a love of heights. They’re a busy cat breed and love to be involved in their owners business. They’re particularly fond of riding on their owner's shoulders and climbing to the top of their cat tree to supervise everything going on within their home. As well as being very active, they love to relax on their owner's lap and enjoy being stroked.

LaPerm Characteristics

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