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Life span

15 Years


Korat Overview

The Korat is small to medium-sized domestic cat breed with short hair. They’re known to have very little body fat and unusually heavy despite their size. The Korat is an intelligent, active and playful cat breed that thrives on forming strong bonds with their loved ones.

Their distinguished looks set them apart from other cat breeds. Their head is heart-shaped and they have very large green eyes. Their coat colouring is particularly striking, the silver-tipped blue shimmers in certain lights. They have a single short coat with faint white and grey markings.

The Korat is one of the oldest stable breeds originating from Thailand. They’re known to bring good luck and they are given as presents to newlyweds in some parts of the world. Not until recent years, the Korats were not sold but only given as gifts.

The Korat has an exceptional memory and can find their way home from places they’ve never visited before. They’re territorial and like to mark their area by urinating. They love to play and will happily spend lots of time hiding from their owner and jumping out to surprise them. They do require attention and lots of love form their loved ones, but are also very self-sufficient.

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Korat Characteristics

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