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Life span

16 Years


Khao Manee Overview

The Khao Manee cat breed has a smooth, pure white coat and muscular build. Their eyes come in a variety of colours and are their most distinctive trait. The most popular colour is one blue and one green eye or one gold and one blue eye. This colour is so beautifully striking, that it makes this cat breed extremely unique and sought after. Their ears are large and take a prominent position on their wedge-shaped head.

This cat breed is known to be rather vocal and they’re very confident in nature. They really enjoy the company of others and are very affectionate, sociable and love lots of attention.

This cat breed is the most naturally occurring as it came without any form of human intervention. The Khao Manee is the original royal breed of Thailand, where they have been around for hundreds of years. They’re considered very special in Thailand and a scared cat. Despite this, their rareness is not considered by other cat organisations.

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Khao Manee Characteristics

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