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Life span

13 Years


Havana Brown Overview

The Havana Brown is a well-balanced cat breed with a muscular body and short-haired coat. Their coat colour tends to be warm brown and some reddish streak. The Havana Brown is an intelligent cat breed with a curious nature.

They’re extremely playful and often known to communicate with their companion by placing their paw on their owner's lap. They love to play and especially love to be groomed by their favourite person. This cat breed enjoys riding the shoulders of their favourite person and this behaviour is unique to the Havana, in fact, this behaviour is so common that most owners don’t even notice that they’re doing it.

The Havana Brown tends to become very attached to their family and they’re very dependent on their company. This cat breed doesn’t like to be left alone for too long and is prone to become destructive if they’re not treated appropriately.

This cat breed requires very little grooming as they’re very self-sufficient. A weekly brush and wipe down with a clean cloth will help keep their coat clean and healthy.

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Havana Brown Characteristics

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