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Life span

15 Years


Devon Rex Overview

The Devon Rex is an intelligent breed of cat originating from England back in the 1950s. This cat breed is known for its slender body, large ears and wavy coat. Although they’re highly intelligent, they do have a mind of their own and can be rather stubborn at times and difficult to motivate.

This cat breed is very active, playful and rather mischievous. One of their favourite places to hang out is the shoulders of their favourite person. They’re a faithful companion and love nothing more than to follow their loved one from room to room.


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Devon Rex Characteristics

History & Origin

The Devon Rex originated in the UK just as their name suggests and were first bred in the country of Devon. The Devon Rex is a relatively new cat breed and has a rather interesting history. 

Devon Rex Temperament

The Devon Rex loves to explore and can do so at such a height! They're very clever and I've to climb very high and watch and observe their surroundings. They to play and can be rather cheeky, which will keep their loved ones entertained for hours.

They're very intelligent and can easily be trained to perform tricks and tasks. They have been known to walk on a leash and fetch like a dog. 

Often, the Devon Rex is described as a cross between a cat and a dog. Thye love to pounce and owners must ensure the safety of their cat and possessions around the home. 

This wonderful cat can spend endless hours entertaining their loved ones with their funny and silly ways. The Devon Rex makes a wonderful addition to a family with children.


The Devon Rex requires regular brushing to help keep their coat shiny and tangle-free. Brushing 2-3 times a week is enough to keep their coat in great condition. They also require regular cleaning of their ears to prevent the build-up of wax and dirt which can lead to infection. 

Regular teeth brushing is also important to prevent the onset on gum diseases.

Children and other pets

The Devon Rex makes a wonderful addition to a family with children of all ages. They love to play and have a very calm nature which makes them ideal pets for families with young children. Children must be taught how to play with a cat safely and playtime must always be supervised by a responsible adult to prevent rough play. 

The Devon Rex gets on very well with other household pets, especially other cats provided they are socialised correctly and from a young age. training should be provided on a conscious basis and any interaction should be supervised.