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Life span

15 Years


Devon Rex Overview

The Devon Rex is an intelligent breed of cat originating from England back in the 1950s. This cat breed is known for their slender body, large ears and wavy coat. Although they’re highly intelligent, they do have a mind of their own and can be rather stubborn at times and difficult to motivate.

This cat breed is very active, playful and rather mischievous. One of their favourite places to hang out is the shoulders of their favourite person. They’re a faithful companion and love nothing more than to follow their loved one from room to room.

The Devon likes to explore and will do so at a great height. This clever little cat breed loves to climb very high and observe the world around them. Their playful ways will keep their loved ones entertained for hours. Due to their intellect, the Devon is easily trained and able to walk on a leash; perform various tricks and the ability to fetch.

The Devon Rex is often described as a cross between a dog and a cat. Another favourite game this cat breed likes to play is; pouncing from various places. Owning this cat breed will bring you lots of joy and plenty of giggles.

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Devon Rex Characteristics

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