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Life span

12 Years


Cornish Rex Overview

The Cornish Rex is a domestic cat breed with a distinctive appearance. They have no hair except for down and only have an undercoat. This cat breed is prone to hair loss and often develops a thin coat or large bald patches over their body. Their coat is very fine and sometimes curly, because of this, they’re better suited to indoor living and they’re extremely sensitive to sunlight and low temperatures. You will often find a Cornish Rex relaxing in warm places near a radiator, computer monitor, their owner's lap and sometimes their shoulders.


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Cornish Rex Characteristics

History & Origin

The Cornish Rex was first born in the 1950s by an accidental mutation of a barn cat and an unknown sire. Originating in Cornwall, this delightful cat has become a popular pet amongst many households in the UK. 

Cornish Rex Temperament

The Cornish Rex loves spending time with their loved ones. They can happily spend their entire day chilling next to their favourite people. The Cornish Rex can be easily trained to walk on a lead like a dog and will do so willingly to impress their owners. 

They have a laid-back nature and placid personality. This wonderful cat makes an excellent addition to a family with children of all ages. 




The Cornish Rex doesn't require much grooming as the hair on their coat is very delicate and brushing too often can cause the hair to break and become damaged. Their ears and paws can develop a greasy feel and they need cleaning more often. As with many other cat breeds, they require regular nail trimming and ear cleaning to prevent nail overgrowth and dirt building up in their ears which can lead to infection. 


The Cornish Rex has a very slender body and small egg-shaped head. It’s often been said that the Cornish Rex has the cheekbone structure of a supermodel! The Cornish Rex might seem delicate but they’re surprisingly heavy when they're picked up, normally weighing in the region of 6-10 pounds.

Despite popular belief, the Cornish Rex is non-hypoallergenic. Often, people make this mistake because the Cornish Rex has a hairless coat. But most allergens come from the cat’s sebaceous glands of the skin, urine and their saliva. However, it is considered that the Cornish Rex fewer allergens than other cat breeds.