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Life span

16 Years


Chausie Overview

Strong and muscular, the Chausie is an elegant cat breed, with an athletic appearance.The long and lean body of the Chausie is rectangular in form. The head of the Chausie cat is medium in size, with a modified wedge. The high and angular cheekbones give a very distinct appearance to the cat. This look is further enhanced by a full muzzle and a firm chin. A sudden change in direction at the sides of the muzzle gives the appearance of the whisker pads being very rounded. With tall, large and wide ears that stand alert, the Chausie presents a very graceful picture. The moderately long legs are well muscled, with the hind legs being slightly longer than the front. The feet of the Chausie are round and small in comparison to the overall size. The Chausie is quite heavy for its size, with the males being heavier than the females. The tail is of a medium thickness and the coat is short and dense, with a softer undercoat.

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Chausie Characteristics

History & Origin

The Chausie is a hybrid breed of cats, originating from the cross of the domestic cat Felis catus and the Jungle Cat, the Felis chaus. Abyssinians are the most common domestic breed used for the purpose. Initially, The Chausies were bred with the goal to replicate the African Jungle Cat, at the same time preserving its look. The characteristics that were aimed for included the large size, tufted ears and the golden, solid black, or black and silver colouring. The first Chausie cats were bred in the late 60s and 70s to offer a more easy to handle pet, with the exotic looks of a wild animal. Today, the only permissible outcrosses for the purpose are Abyssinian and the domestic shorthair. The breed has yet to gain official recognition from The UK Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).

Chausie Temperament

The Chausie is an ideal combination of the genial temperament of a domestic cat with the beauty and elegance of a jungle cat. Owing to their loving and loyal nature, the Chausie breed of cats make wonderful companions and are often referred to as 'dog like' in their behaviour. An extremely robust breed, the Chausies are very playful and active. In fact, they are famous for their wonderful speed and an almost six foot vertical leap. These playful pets need plenty of playtime and cat toys that will keep their minds and paws occupied. These big, strong and outgoing creatures are more of an outdoor pet and have a strong jumping strength. The Chausie will love to play and jump around in large open areas. They are often known as swamp, living near water and preferring grasslands. Fearless, but not aggressive, these strong creatures can handle any situation quite easily and know how to protect their interests. These intelligent creatures adapt to new situations very easily. They adjust readily to new places, strangers and other pets.


The Chausies are recognized as a healthy breed of cats. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take the Chausies for an annual health check-up. The veterinarian should also check for fleas, ear mites and other problems that can be associated with the outdoors. Like all cat breeds, they are also vulnerable to minor ailments. One of the most common health issues is the development of sinus. Though quite rare, the Chausies are also known to be affected by the (Feline) Lower Urinary Tract Infections (FLUTD).

Chausie Buying Advice

The Chausie is an ideal pet for homes where there is a spacious outdoor area for the cat to play in. The Chausie cat thrives on human company and is extremely attached to its owner. Hence, it is important to ensure enough company for your pet throughout the day. Chausies have a good jumping strength inherently and appreciate large open places with heights, which will allow this kind of play. These energetic cats require adequate nutrition from the high quality cat food to maintain their outdoor activities. Besides this owners need to be careful to maintain hygienic conditions around these outdoor play areas, especially to ward off the water-borne diseases. The Chausies have a medium level of grooming requirement. A regular brushing routine is important to keep the coat healthy. These cats need to be bathed regularly as they remain out of the house for longer hours.