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Life span

15 Years


British Longhair Overview

This cat breed is very much like the British Short haired cat breed. They have unique features and pleasant appearance they have solid round feet and very straight, long legs. Their tail is thick with hair but can come in a medium or short size in length. This cat breed has a round head and full cheeks. Their eyes are round and large and come in a variety of colours, which includes green, blue, copper and gold.

They’re very affectionate and have a laid-back attitude to life. This cat breed is easily adaptable to most things they’re presented with. They’re extremely tolerable and very friendly to other household pets and children.

This cat breed is known for being less active than other cat breeds and, so, it is very important that owners encourage this cat breed to play and take part in fun, engaging activities. You should also monitor how much they eat and to make sure they are not overfed, as this cat is prone to being overweight.

The British Long Haired loves lots of attention and love from their family. They also love the company of other household pets. Therefore it is important that owners of this cat breed make the time for them.

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British Longhair Characteristics

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