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Life span

17 Years


Bombay Overview

The Bombay cat is one of the most laid-back, easy-going cat breeds of them all. They happily walk through life with a carefree attitude. They get on very well with most other household pets and children.

They have a very calm nature and known for being very gentle and affectionate with the ones they love. The Bombay is of medium size and was first created in the late 1950’s by cross-breeding the Black American short hair with the Burmese. They have a lush, velvety coat that’s very easy to care for.

This cat breed is compact with a stocky build and very heavy boned. Their head is round, as well as the tips of their ears, eyes and feet. This cat breed is known for their looks. Often, their coat is mistaken for the look of black patent leather because of its deep colour and shiny appearance.

The Bombay has a very distinctive walk as they sway from side to side which resembles the Indian Black Leopard.

Thinking of buying or adopting a Bombay?

Bombay Characteristics

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