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Life span

20 Years


Balinese Overview

The Balinese cat breed has deep blue; slanted eyes. Their head is the size of a long triangle and their ears are set apart. This distinguished look is what gives the Balinese their own unique look. They have medium length, soft, silky hair with no undercoat.

They’re an active cat breed and known for being very vocal. If you’re planning on owning a Balinese cat, then it is highly recommended that you purchase a high perch or cat tree as they do love to climb and play. They’re particularly slender but have a very strong body that enables them to jump very high. They’re known for jumping as high as the top of your refrigerator or hanging from the top of a door frame.

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Balinese Characteristics

History & Origin

The Balinese doesn't have a long history but are known to have been introduced to the US back in the 1940s and the first breeding programme was introduced in the 1950s.

Balinese Temperament

The Balinese form strong bonds with their loved ones and become very attached. They're very intent, athletic, loving and agile. They have many similarities to their Siamese but not quite as outspoken. 

They're very laid-back and can happily spend their day following around their favourite people as well as spending time playing their favourite games.


The Balinese requires regular grooming to help keep their coat in fine condition and free from tangles and knots. They also benefit from regular teeth brushing, eye and ear cleaning as well as frequent trimming of their nails to prevent overgrowth. 

As with all cat breeds, they also require regular check-ups at the vets, along with parasite control.

Balinese Exercise Needs

The Balinese requires lots of exercises as they’re prone to becoming obese. This cat breed is extremely loving and enjoys lots of attention from their loved ones. They especially like to be petted and cuddled. If you’re looking for a furry, loving companion, then the Balinese is the cat breed of choice.