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Life span

16 Years


Australian Mist Overview

Australian Mist were originally developed to be indoor cats. This cat breed makes a wonderful addition to any family with young children. This cat breed is known for being very busy and demanding to be involved in the majority of things their owners are doing. They love to impress and keep themselves busy.

The Australian Mist is a medium-sized cat breed with a short-haired coat, large eyes and round head. As their coat is very short they lack little undercoat. This cat breed requires minimal grooming because they lose very little hair. Their coat comes in 3 different patterns which are: the base colour, which is paler than the pattern of the coat; the pattern and the appearance of random ticking found in areas of solid colour. Their face and neck also have lines of colour.

This cat breed is generally tolerant of handling and hardly ever scratches; unless they’re provoked to do so. Some Australian Mist can actually be trained to go outdoors and be on a lead, as long as they’re spayed and natured. They normally fit in well with other pets within the household and are generally well-behaved and easy-going.

The life expectancy of an Australian Mists is 15-18 years.

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Australian Mist Characteristics

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