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Life span

18 Years


Asian Overview

The Asian cat is a medium-sized cat breed with a slight muscular appearance. They have a broad chest with very slender legs. The Asian cat breed has a rather rounded head with no flattened areas, giving them a full-looking face; which is very distinctive. They have a short coat, which is made up of fine, satin-like fur. This cat breed is classified into 4 different varieties: The Asian Tabby, The Asian Smoke, The Asian Self and the Burmilla.


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Asian Characteristics

Asian Temperament

The Asian cat is very lovable and suits living in an apartment. They are not very fond of loud noises and, so, wouldn’t suit living in a city. They need lots of peace and quiet to live a healthy, happy life.

This wonderful cat breed has a rather relaxed approach to life and enjoys spending their time with their favourite people. The Asian cat can happily spend their time following their loved ones around the home as well as spending time on their own to relax. This well-balanced cat would suit a family with children because of their laid-back nature.


This cat breed is relatively low maintenance and requires a weekly brush to help keep their coat clean and glossy. You can also achieve a shiny coat with regular stroking and a wipe down with a warm flannel to remove any dirt.

As with all cat breeds, the Asian cat needs regular teeth brushing as well as regular nail clipping and visits to the vets for routine health check-ups.

Children and other pets

The Asian cat breed would suit a family with children of all ages because of their laid-back personality. Thye love to play and would, therefore, suit a family with young children provided playtime is always supervised by a responsible adult. 

The Asian cat tends to get on well with other small pets, provided they're socialised correctly and from a young age.