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Life span

16 Years


Arctic Curl Overview

The Arctic Curl is a cross between the Selkirk Rex and the Turkish Angora. This cat breed is known for its beauty and distinctive looks.

The Arctic Curl has a slightly plump appearance with curly, long fur. They have gorgeous blue eyes and soft; gentle nature. This cat breed loves to play but equally needs space to be alone. They love to explore and are extremely confident with new people into their home. They demand respect and can be standoffish if they don’t get the attention they desire.


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Arctic Curl Characteristics

History & Origin

The Artic Curl cat is a new breed that originated in Britain and was recognised as one of the first hybrid cats. The Artic Curl is a cross between the Turkish Angora and Selkirk Rex. 

Arctic Curl Temperament

They commonly share the personality traits of both parent breeds, but overall are very friendly. They’re not very high maintenance and will eat most foods they are presented with.

The Artic Curl has a rather laid-back personality and would suit a family with young children. They love play-time and spending time chilling with their favourite people. This wonderful cat breed loves companionship, attention and can happily lay on their owner's lap cuddling.


This crossbreed doesn’t really have many health issues and often lives a very long and healthy life. As they’re a relatively new cat breed, it’s hard to tell if they will become predisposed to any health-related issues or any form of genetic disorders, but generally, this cat breed can live up to 19 years.

Children and other pets

The Artic Curl tends to get on very well with children and other small household pets. Early socialisation is important as well as continuous training from a young age.