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Life span

18 Years


American Wirehair Overview

The coat of the American Wirehair makes it stand out amongst all the other breeds. Dense and resilient, the coat is coarse and hard to touch, with every hair being springy, hooked and crimped, including the hair within the ears. The curled whiskers are the most apparent form of the wired effect in this breed. In an ideal situation, the entire coat of the cat is wired at birth. However, if the coat is in ringlets, chances are it may be too long and may wave or straighten out as the kitten grows. The coat is soft to touch, but if it is dense, it springs back when stroked. Medium to large in size, the American Wirehair has a strong and well-muscled body, with strong legs and firm paws. A round head is complemented by prominent cheekbones and a well-developed muzzle and chin. Eyes are large, round and expressive and usually deep blue, brilliant gold, blue-green or hazel in colour. The ears of the American Wirehairs are of medium size and slightly rounded. The American Wirehair has a proportionate tail, tapering down in a symmetrical manner and round at the tip.

American Wirehair Characteristics

History & Origin

The origin of the American Wirehair is traced to Adam, one of the litter of six barn cats in a small farm in Verona, New York, in 1966. With sparse, wiry and crimped hair, the kitten, now known as the Council Rock Farm Adam of Hi-Fi, was conspicuously different from others. The wired coat was later determined as a result of a spontaneous mutation. The American Wirehairs are known to be unique to America and this particular mutation has not been reported in any other country until now. Though this breed is still quite rare and unusual, they are now being successfully bred and shown in Japan and France. The American Wirehair is not recognised by the UK Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).

American Wirehair Temperament

The American Wirehair is a sweet-natured and gentle breed. Affectionate, and playful, these cats enjoy toys and like playing with their owners. Being natural athletes, the American Wirehairs love large open places for their playtime. Also be prepared to provide enough accepted scratching areas, (such as scratching posts), to satisfy the inherent scratching instincts. These alert and inquisitive cats take keen interest in their surroundings and show curiosity about whatever the family members do. Strongly people-oriented, they adjust very well to strangers as well as new surroundings. The American Wirehairs crave for the attention and affection of their owners. In fact, they are intelligent and emphatic, known to sit with an unhappy family member and purr softly. Though gentle and loving, American Wirehairs dislike being cuddled much and prefer to be on their own. Overall, it is a reserved and quiet breed, not very talkative possessing a laid-back nature.


This breed is basically sturdy and healthy. Generally, the American Wirehairs are known to be highly resistant to the usual feline diseases. However, due to the unique coat, this breed is often vulnerable to allergies and need proper cleaning to avoid the same. It is advisable to take the American Wirehair for an annual health check up from about the age of eight, including teeth cleaning, a blood test for liver an kidney function. The cats that enjoy more of outdoors should be taken to a vet at least four times a year. A fecal exam to check for worms such as Tapeworm, Round Worm, Whip Worms and Hook Worms should be conducted at regular intervals. You also need to check for fleas and ear mites in the outdoor pets. At about six months of age, the kitten should be examined for sexual maturity.

American Wirehair Buying Advice

The American Wirehair is generally an easy breed to groom and enjoy being pampered. However, care has to be taken not to damage the wiry coat, especially while grooming. Since the coat often gets greasy due to the oily skin, owners need to ensure that the skin is kept clean with regular bathing. Due to the oiliness, dark earwax is also found in many cases and meaning the ears should be checked and cleaned regularly. Though the American Wirehairs make good playmates, yet they are known to get bossy at times. Hence, owners need to be careful of such behavioural patterns, especially when the cat is with young children. The American Wirehair requires close to 70 Kcals per kg bodyweight per day of food, everyday.