American Shorthair

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Life span

20 Years


American Shorthair Overview

The American Shorthair is known for its robustness and longevity. They have a rather calm disposition, gentle approach and extreme kindness. They come in a variety of colours and are often used in movies and many advertisements.

Their medium to large in size and their coat is typically sort and dense. They’re a powerful cat breed and rather low maintenance and require minimal grooming as they hardly shed.


American Shorthair Characteristics

History & Origin

The American Shorthair is thought to have descended from Europe and was then brought to North America to help protect valuable cargo against vermin.


American Shorthair Temperament

This cat breed is also known for its intellect and adaptability. They’re very inquisitive by nature and rather versatile. The American Shorthair is more active than it is reclusive. They require regular exercise to keep them in optimum health and condition.

This cat breed still retains its native urge to hunt and will happily hunt down their toys and carry them round in their mouths. This cat breed is amongst the most popular of cat breeds because of their long lives and healthy genetics. They’re refined, solid and highly personable, making them an ideal cat breed for any loving family.


The American Shorthair requires moderate levels of grooming. Brushing their hair 2/3 times a week is enough to keep their coat in optimum condition. They also require regular teeth brushing and nail clipping.

As with all cat breeds, they require regular cleaning of their ears, eyes and paws to prevent the build-up of dirt which can lead to an infection. 

Children and other pets

They love the company of others and of other domestic animals within the home. They get on very well with children as they have lots of patience and a fun and loving approach to people.