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Life span

16 Years


American Curl Overview

The American Curl is better known for their wonderful personality. They’re extremely loving and love the comfort and attention from their loved ones and from children. In fact, the American Curl is one of the friendliest cat breeds on the planet.

They’re very active, curious and clever. Their favourite hobby is to follow their owners around their home and try their very best to be involved in whatever activity their owner is doing. The American Curl is so affectionate that often they can be found waiting for their owners return to give them lots of love.

The Curl loves to fetch and play with their favourite person. They’re capable of opening door knobs, so owners must be careful and make sure anything harmful is out of reach and securely locked away.

This cat breed is very alert and easily adaptable to their surroundings. They take life in their stride and are very relaxed. This cat breed is known for their distinguished features and sweet expressions. Their coat is silky and comes in a variety of colours, including chocolate tortoiseshell, silver patched and lilac.

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American Curl Characteristics

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