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Life span

15 Years


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American Bobtail Overview

The American Bobtail cat has a moderately sized body with a short tail and hearty exterior. Their chest is broad and full and their hind legs are longer than their fore legs. Their head is broad in shape and proportionally sized for their body. The American Bobtail has a rather strong jaw with a wide nose. Their eyes are almond shape and vary in colour.

The American Bobtail’s coat comes in a variety of colours and requires regular grooming. The American Bobtail is a playful cat breed with moderate needs for exercise and they possess a very social nature. They’re an independent cat breed but also like the attention of their owner. They grasp their owner’s attention by meowing and stroking themselves along their owner’s leg. They’re an intelligent cat breed and very affectionate. They show great devotion to their loved ones and will always be by their owner’s side when needed. This cat breed is known to be very fond of playing games and will happily entertain their owners for hours with their fun and silly ways. This cat breed is easily trained and has been known to walk on a leash as they love walking with their loved ones.

They’re an easy going cat breed and get on really well with other domestic animals as well as children. The American Bobtail takes about two years to develop into an adult cat with is slower than other domestic cat breeds.

American Bobtail Characteristics

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