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Help rescue and rehome unwanted and neglected cats. Please visit our facebook page or email us at rugeleycatssociety@gmail.com

The story of Rugeley Cats Society

Rugeley Cats Society was founded by Sallie Young, her beautiful cat Doris went missing on 2nd March 2013. Despite frantically searching Sallie never found her, what she did find however were a lot of neglected, homeless unloved cats. Sallie could not bear to see any animal in distress, so she began treating them for fleas and worms, feeding them, taking them to the vet to check for a microchip, in the hope of finding their families. Sallie set up the Facebook page Rugeley Cats Society in the hope of bringing local cat lovers together. She hadn't realised until Doris went missing how little help is available, she hoped through the page, more people would be looking for missing cats. Rugeley Cats Society was founded on the 18th March 2013. The page quickly grew, with more and more people using it, people asked for help to find their cat and Sallie was happy to do so, others started messaging or calling her to help them rehome cats, and also to report 'stray' cats. Other messages were to report cats killed on the road, or in need of rescue. Sallie always tried to help and rescue cats in trouble (stuck, injured, lost), if a cat is missing, we post the photo all over Facebook, and alert local vets. The postmen and post women have a poster with missing cats photos and Sallie used to go herself and walk the area the cat was last seen. If a cat has been killed, Sallie would go and collect him/her. Sallie would take them to the vet to check for a microchip. If no chip is found, she would try to find the family. Cats rescued in need of veterinary treatment, Sallie took to the vet, whatever treatment they need they get. When they are healthy, Sallie would find them a forever home and family.
On the 14th of June, Sallie’s money ran out. She knew she had to either stop helping cats or become a charity to enable me to take public donations. On the 24th June the Charitable Trust deed was signed and witnessed, by the end of July the charity bank account was active. Sallie has helpers now, with the rescue and with the Facebook page, it's too big for one person to do alone. Katrina has been fostering for some time, she is fantastic, never fazed by any cat that comes into care. Leanne is another fosterer and a marvel with kittens, she hand feeds them, weighs them, keeps them warm, prays for them and loves them. Anna helps with cats that need time, patience and a little ‘therapy’ before being rehomed.  
There is also Teresa who helps to foster, she will help adult cats and kittens and welcomes them into her family before they find their home.
James Cadwallader at Number 1 Vets and his team of veterinary nurses are amazing. All the cats are taken there, nothing is too much trouble for them, and the cats get the best care there is. Creature Comforts pet shop also support Rugeley Cats Society, Susie always give discount and charge only what it costs her for litter. They also take donations of food, toys, beds etc from the public. Also Florida Sun in Bridgtown takes donations for us as the lady who owns it, Marie, is a fundraisers and charity worker herself.
This year, without doubt, has been the worst for abandoned kittens and cats. The amount of messages received via the facebook page have been astonishing and even though there are four core people involved now, Sallie, Leanne, Katrina and Anna, it has sometimes been a struggle. However, we always do our best for the cats.
Nobody who works at Rugeley Cats Society gets paid. Nobody claims expenses. Every penny raised goes to the cats we have in care. We need your support. Without it we can't do, what we do.
To date 10/02/16
we have.........
Re-homed 400 homeless cats
Helped 265 missing cats get home
Provided veterinary treatment for countless cats and kittens in our care
Treated 100's of cats for fleas and worms
Answered thousands of messages/telephone calls offering advice and support
Doris is still missing


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