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Borders Pet Rescue is based in the Scottish borders, and is a registered charity dedicated to the care, rehoming and adoption of cats, dogs, small animals and exotics.

 It is run by a voluntary committee of trustees who work to provide the best possible attention and shelter for animals in their care.

Borders Pet Rescue take in animals that are no longer able to be looked after in their present homes for whatever reason. They receive no funding and rely entirely on donations from the public to fund their work.

Borders Pet Rescue are proud to have successfully found loving and suitable homes for thousands of animals during the past 25 years. Whatever the circumstances, they support owners who can no longer look after their pets, and their qualified staff are supported by a dedicated team of volunteers to ensure that the animals receive the care they need, 365 days of the year. What's more, they never put a healthy animal down.

The main objectives of the charity are to promote responsible ownership of domestic pets, and encourage kindness in their treatment; to encourage neutering of all pets not intended for breeding, and to encourage that pets are vaccinated. Borders Pet Rescue work with other local organisations with shared values. They are also always available to advise local people about any animal concerns they may have.

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