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Hedgehogs and Garden Bird Rescue

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Staffordshire ST17 9ND

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Hedgehogs and Garden Bird Rescue

The Hedgehogs and Garden Bird Rescue is based in Staffordshire, they are a group of volunteers who work with sick, orphaned or injured animals. The group has volunteers across Cannock, Tamworth, Great Wyrley and Aldridge.

This rescue group is fortunate enough to have new volunteers spreading across the area all the time and they are always looking for more helping hands! Each volunteer works from their own homes to care for small animals, and nurse them back to health before releasing them back into the wild. They not only take on hedgehogs and birds, but a whole range of small wild animals in need.

Should you find a small animal in your garden that you believe is young and orphaned, injured or sick, or in any way in need of some attention then contact the rescue group. Unfortunately the HGBR are unable to collect animals, due to time and cost (the money being better spent on the animals health), but get in touch for advice or to deliver an animal in need to one of the volunteers.

This rescue operation runs solely on donations, if you think you could donate, or if you would like to become a volunteer then give the Hedgehogs and Garden Bird Rescue a call.

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