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Mypetzilla are on the hunt for exceptional, experienced and knowledgeable freelance writers. We’re also looking for those that work or specialise in the pet industry, such as veterinary surgeons and nurses. Experienced breeders and pet owners are also welcome to contribute interesting pet related articles, as well as recent news and information regarding the pet industry. To keep it simple we have listed below some areas that our readers find interesting and useful: 

  • Factual and interesting information regarding dog breeding and dog showing
  • Factual and interesting information regarding cat breeding
  • Dog and cat behavioural articles as well as training information for both dogs and cats
  • Research and factual information regarding the pet industry which would benefit pet owners
  • Research pieces and news stories regarding changes in law for pet ownership and informative news regarding the Kennel Club
  • Interesting information and news relating to dogs, cats and other domestic pets

If you’re interested in becoming a freelance writer for Mypetzilla please send over examples of your published work and CV to

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