Working Dogs

The Working Dog Breed Group is exactly how they are described; working dogs. This dog breed group consists of a very special range of dog breeds that assist in helping the UK leading services, such as the police, rescue teams and the military. They’re extremely intelligent, loyal, and fearless and range from serious to easy-going. Working dog breeds are mostly large and therefore require lots of exercise and mental stimulation. As they’re a working breed, they like to be given chores to do, like playing with the children, fetching your slippers. They especially enjoy keeping guard outside of your home, so rest assured you will be forever protected with a lovable working dog breed in your home.

This dog breed group requires lots of training and this should be continuous throughout their lives. If they’re not given adequate amounts of exercise and mental stimulation they can become very bored and destructive.

Often, their coats are smooth and fuss-free, making them very easy to care for and keep groomed. Some of the most popular working dog breeds are the Siberian Husky, Great Dane and the Doberman Pinscher. Because of their nature and size, this dog breed group is not recommended for families with young children.

Popular Working Dog Breeds


This medium sized dog breed was first developed in Germany. They have a smooth coat and distinctive look. Known to have a very strong jaw and powerful bite, this dog breed was ideal for hanging onto large pray back in the day when hunting.  Despite their looks and exterior, this dog breed makes a wonderful companion and loving best friend.

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This dog breed is on the large size and has a solid build with a short muzzle. They have a wonderful character and make excellent guard dogs. They’re very reliable, devoted to their family, loyal and very loving. The Bullmastiff has a reserved approach to life and calm demeanour. This dog breed is very courageous and loves the great outdoors as well as downtime with their favourite people.

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The Doberman was first developed to be used as a guard dog. They have a very sleek coat and athletic build. This dog breed is famous for their cropped ears and docked tail. They’re highly intelligent and suited for military and police work. They suit most families and will always remain devoted and want to protect their loved ones.

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