Toy Dogs

Toys dogs are made up of a special group of small dogs; specifically bred as companions. These cute little bundles of fur make wonderful additions to a family as they love spending time snuggled up to their favourite people. There are lots of advantages to owning a toy dog, as they’re easier to handle and often less boisterous than a larger dog breed. If you’re looking for a dog breed that enjoys the outdoors and relaxing at home, then you should consider a toy dog breed. If you’re extremely active then this dog group may not be suitable.

There are some dog breeds that are bred with very long coats and therefore require extra grooming than a dog with shorter hair. Owning a toy dog breed requires a lot of patience and understanding. When spending time outdoors, you must remain extra vigilant to where your toy dog breed is playing or what dog they’re socialising with, as toy dog breeds are far more delicate than a larger dog breed.

As with any dog breed, you must pay lots of attention to their general health and well-being. Generally, smaller dog breeds live longer as they have less strain on their organs and overall body structure. Toy dog breeds do come with some genetic disorders, such as luxating patella and often dental problems because of the size of their jaws.

It’s all too easy to raise your toy dog breed as if they were a small baby. This should be avoided as a toy dog breed has the same needs as any other dog breed and this should be respected. Not providing adequate training and socialisation will cause issues as they grow into an adult dog and may lead to behavioural problems.

Listed below are the most popular toy dog breeds within the UK. This list is in no particular order and does not imply the quality of their health.

Popular Toy Dog Breeds


The Chihuahua is a firm favourite within the Toy Dog breed group. This small dog breed has a very big personality. They have lots of energy and love nothing more than receiving lots of love and cuddles from their favourite person. The Chihuahua makes a wonderful addition to a family with children a little older because of their small size, they wouldn't suit young children.

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Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier also comes in a small size as also belongs to the Toy Dog Breed group. This cute bundle of fur has a rather courageous attitude to life and will want to play and interact with dogs much bigger than them. They’re fearless and love the great outdoors. They don’t require lots of exercises but are always willing to go on long walks and adventures.

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This dog breed descends from dogs in the Central Mediterranean part of the world. They’re very playful, active, loving and courageous. They can be docile and this can be mistaken for not being interested in what is going on around them.  They’re very easygoing and willing to go with the flow. Happy to join the family on long country walks and more than happy to chill on the lap of their favorite person.

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