Terrier Dogs

The Terrier dog breed group are all share one thing in common and that’s their distinctive personality. This dog breed group have similar characters; such as their high energy levels, their feistiness and sassiness. Typically, the terrier dog breeds have very little tolerance for other animals and especially, smaller dogs. They were originally bred to hunt and kill vermin. Majority of the dog breeds within this dog breed group still show these tendency’s and this could explain certain behaviours they portray whilst they’re out playing in the park with other dogs.

Majority of the dog breeds within this group are small to medium-sized and have wiry hair. Their bodies are designed to fit into tight places, ready to catch their prey. They are very engaging and will keep their owners entertained for hours. Any potential owner of the Terrier group must have experience and knowledge on how to care for this unique dog breed group.

The Terrier dog breed group can be difficult to train as they have minds of their own. Terriers require lots of exercise on a daily basis and will become bored and destructive should they not get enough attention. Despite their quirkiness, the Terrier dog breed group do make excellent companions and they aim to please by providing continuous entertainment and silly behaviour. If socialised correctly from a young age, the Terrier breed group are suitable to have around young children.

Popular Terrier Dog Breeds

Airedale Terrier

The Airedale originated from Yorkshire. This dog breed is also referred to as the Waterside Terrier and Bingley Terrier. They’re an intelligent dog breed, courageous, friendly, outgoing and very confident. They love long adventures and lots of family time with their loved ones.

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Sporting Lucas Terrier

The Lucas Terrier is a well-balanced dog breed with a strong personality. They have an endearing face. They have a mop-haired look and very soft coat. This dog breed has become a firm favorite within the terrier dog breed group and it's not hard to see why. Their angelic looks and happy-go-lucky attitude approach to life.

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English Bull Terrier

Originally developed in the 19th century known to be a fighting dog. They are now a proud, loving member of many families throughout the UK.  They make a great addition to a family with older children. They need lots of exercises and mental stimulation.

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